Neural Network Workshop Factsheet

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Neural Network Workshop Invitation

Neural Network Workshop Factsheet


APPG AI, partnered with Big Innovation Centre, NVIDIA, FiveAI, Milton Keynes Council, and UCL Hospital Neurology Department to host a workshop for the Members of Commons and Members of Lords to engage directly with AI and build their own neural networks.

Presenters included:

NVIDIA: Well-known in the industry for its pioneering work in neural networking, will be the
key presenter of the workshop.
UCL Hospital Neurology Department: A representative from the Healthcare sector, providing a
use case of AI.
FiveAI: A representative from the Autonomous Vehicles sector, providing a use case of AI.
Milton Keynes City Council: A representative from the Public sector, providing a use case of AI.
Teaching assistants from University computing groups will also be available to walk the floor
and guide participants.

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