The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence (APPG AI) was formed in November 2016, with the stated purpose:

To explore the impact and implications of artificial intelligence including machine learning.

The APPG AI will address ethical issues and new industry norms for applying Artificial Intelligence, including machine learning, decision making, natural language understanding, automated reasoning, autonomous systems, etc. Without being too technical, we will try to understand how AI will impact the lives of UK citizens and organisations, and subsequently, how should it be regulated? How will health, energy, insurance, consulting, financial, legal and knowledge-intensive business services be traded? How should the new business models be regulated, and what about the data? There is a lot to explore and evidence is key for regulation and policy.

The APPG AI is co-chaired by Stephen Metcalfe MP (Conservative) and Lord Clement-Jones CBE (Liberal Democrat). The Group Officers are Chris Green MP, The Right Reverend Doctor Steven Croft, Baroness Kramer, Lord Janvrin, Lord Broers, Mark Hendrick MP and Carol Monaghan MP. Big Innovation Centre was appointed as the APPG AI Secretariat.

The Group supporters – Barclays, BP, Deloitte, EDF Energy, KPMG, CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP, Oxford University Computer Science, PwC – enable us to raise the ambition of what we can achieve.

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