Sarah RenchArtificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and Big Data - Senior Manager, EY

    At EY, Sarah is responsible for delivering the Data Quality Machine Learning Tool which is part of the ‘EY Appstore’: a set of algorithms using machine learning and cloud based technologies to solve client data quality problems.

    She has a background in delivering virtual agent technology utilising machine learning, NLP, RPA and big data technologies for banks and insurance companies, also local government.

    Sarah recently won the Tech Women 50 Award 2017, has a Masters in Computer Science and Executive MBA. She is also a TEDx speaker for City, University of London.

    She has previous built mobile apps, responsive websites, online trading systems, CRM and CMS systems and implemented analytics software and analytics dashboards. She is ‘technology agnostic’ and utilises the appropriate technology to deliver the best value for her clients.  

    Outside of work, Sarah is on the Board of a non-profit women in technology community of around 12,000 members, called DevelopHer. Also an Executive Board Member for Cass Global Women’s Leaders Programme, which helps provide scholarships for women to do MBAs to help them achieve their full potential. Through both she facilitates events in diversity, inclusion and technology to enable; networking, driving collaboration and positive changes in our society.

    Sarah also previously provided IT and business advice to start-ups and entrepreneurs and in her spare time she is also an Apprentice at the Magic circle (Official Magician’s society).

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