Rajinder TumberAward-winning Cybersecurity Specialist, TV Presenter, and Mentor to Students at Westminster University

    Rajinder is an award-winning cybersecurity specialist, blockchain investor, artificial intelligence advisor to the All-Party Parliamentary Group, university mentor, sci-fi novelist, screenwriter, and a world record-breaking poet.

    For more details, see: www.RSTumber.com With over a decade of experience in cyber security, his work has revolved around governance, risk and compliance. 

    His role as a Forbes contributor (https://www.forbes.com/sites/rajindertumber/) gives him the creative freedom to liaise with some of the world’s largest organisations, and write appealing articles, based on cyber security and artificial intelligence, reaching a global audience. 

    His work in thought-leadership has also been published in The Times newspaper, Huffington Post, SC Magazine, ISSA Journal, Rotary Club Magazine, and more. Since surviving death from Meningitis, he has a keen interest in the esoteric side of life, and became the author of several thought-provoking books, based on philosophy, ancient history and metaphysical mysteries.

    In 2017, hr broke a century-old world record, for writing the world’s longest love poem, Divine Verse. Years of research and questioning have led mhim onto a magical journey to create, inspire and enlighten those who are seeking a life of fulfilment.

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