Professor Joanna BrysonAssociate Professor at the University of Bath, and Affiliate at Princeton Center for Information Technology Policy

    Professor Joanna Bryson is an Associate Professor at Bath, and affiliate at Princeton Center for Information Technology Policy.

    Professor Bryson’s first and third degrees were in Psychology, while her 2nd and 4th were in Artificial Intelligence, so she approaches AI for the purpose of understanding human behaviour. 

    Joanna has worked in AI ethics since 1996 and helped author the UK research councils’ Principles of Robotics in 2010. Her research is covering topics from artificial intelligence, through autonomy and robot ethics, and on to human cooperation has appeared in venues ranging from a reddit to Science

    Just in the last two months, she’s consulted to The Red Cross on autonomous weapons, Chatham House on the impact of AI on the nuclear threat, and she’s currently advising the British Parliament, European Parliament, and the OECD regarding the regulation of AI.

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