Dr Wayne HolmesLecturer,  Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University

    Dr Wayne Holmes is an Assistant Professor in Learning Sciences and Innovation at the Institute of Educational TechnologyThe Open University (UK).

    He holds a PhD in Learning and Technology from the University of Oxford, an MSc in Education and an MA in Philosophy. At the Open University, he leads on Artificial intelligence in Education (AIED).

    He is also a Visiting Associate Professor at the Universidade de São Paulo (Brazil), a Visiting Research Fellow at the Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education, Beijing Normal University (China), and a research consultant for the Center for Curriculum Redesign (USA).

    He has also co-authored three books about AIED: Intelligence Unleashed: An Argument for Artificial Intelligence in Education (2016),Technology-enhanced Personalised Learning: Untangling the Evidence (2018), and Artificial Intelligence in Education. Promise and Implications for Teaching and Learning (2019); while currently he is co-authoring a chapter on AIED for the forthcoming UNESCO report Global policy guidelines on ICT in Education.

    Wayne is delighted to have the opportunity to build upon his expertise in AIED, in both the application of AI to enhance and further understand learning and the ethical and social implications of AI applied in educational contexts, to contribute to the APPG AI Education Taskforce.

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