Dr Rachel FreeOf Counsel (Patent Attorney), CMS

    Rachel is a European and UK Patent Attorney at CMS specialising in computer technology and telecommunications.  She has an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and a DPhil in Vision Science.

    Recognized as an expert in AI and in patent law she helps clients protect their technology using patents. She has experience in quantum computing, cloud security, machine learning, robotics, mobile phone antennas, image processing, time of flight sensors and others.  Her publications include:

    Technical problems in AI inventions in the light of the guidelines for examination at the EPO, EPI information issue 4, 2018 https://information.patentepi.com/uploads/pdf/epi-Information-04-2018.pdf

    Implications of the GDPR for detecting infringement of AI patents, EPI information issue 3, 2018, https://information.patentepi.com/issue-3-2018/implications-gdpr-detecting-infringement-of-artificial-intelligence-patents.html


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