Dr Julia JonesCEO, Found in Music

    Dr Julia Jones has been examining the effect of music and creativity on economic growth, skills training and health for over 25 years.

    She advises a range of clients including the Mayor of London/Greater London Authority, the NHS and a range of cities and global consumer brands.

    Julia is the Secretariat of the Music in Society inquiry conducted at the House of Lords examining the role of music in education, public health and the UK Industrial Strategy.

    Julia is also a musician and co-presented the first music panel at the United Nations’ World Urban Forum in 2018 showing how music in communities can help deliver the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

     Julia firmly believes that access to music technology drives youth engagement in education and skills training environments, and leads to long-term increases in creative thinking. Thereby, helping to ensure that our workforces have the skills they need to thrive as employees and citizens. 

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