Dr Désirée RemmertArtificial Intelligence Researcher and Project Manager, Big Innovation Centre

Dr Desiree Remmert manages the All Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence, of which Big Innovation Centre is the Secretariat. Desiree is conducting AI policy research with a particular interest in intercultural AI ethics.

Before joining Big Innovation Centre in 2019 she worked as an insight and innovation consultant in London. Desiree brings a wealth of experience from academia including eight years of research in social and cognitive anthropology. In her research she focused on decision-making, ethics, and personal autonomy in urban China and Taiwan. During her PhD and postdoctoral studies she spent four years in different parts of East Asia and received extensive training in quantitative and qualitative data analysis, survey design, interview techniques, and ethnography.

Desiree holds a PhD in Anthropology from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and has conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Tubingen, Germany, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, and at the LSE. She holds an MSc with specialisation in in Comparative Politics and Economics with East Asia Focus (LSE). She is Fluent in German, French, Swedish, and Mandarin Chinese.

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