Dr Christine ChowDirector, Hermes Investment Management

    Dr Christine Chow has 22 years of experience in investment management, research and consulting. Christine’s PhD thesis on shareholder engagement for responsible investment was short-listed for a United Nations award in Sweden for industry relevance and academic excellence. 

    Her interest in the social impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and data governance stems from insights gained engaging with large technology and financial services firms from an investors’ perspective. Over the last 24 months, more evidence has been gathered and reported on how political and religious views can be influenced through targeted advertising.  Computer algorithms that learn rely on massive input data to generate unbiased outcomes. She is concerned about data biases, accountability and explicability related to the use of AI. Whilst she acknowledged positive impact that could be generated from AI applications, she believes that investors should play a role in the responsible use of AI and data governance through stewardship.  As a member of the APPG AI Data Governance Taskforce, she will leverage her industry knowledge and contribute to strengthening data governance through multi-stakeholder efforts.

    Christine is an elected member of the Court at the London School of Economics (LSE) and a member of the School’s Investment Sub-Committee (since 2016).  She was an adjunct finance professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2014 – 2016), a visiting scholar at the University of St Andrews in Scotland (2012 – 2013) and a member of the Greater China Committee of the Hong Kong Retirement Funds Association (2014-2016). Christine is a graduate of the London School of Economics and the University of Melbourne. She completed an executive education course on financial engineering at Stanford University.

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