The RSA Report: The Age of Automation

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The Age of Automation: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and the Future of Low-Skilled Work

Published in September 2017

By: Benedict Dellot and Fabian Wallace-Stephens

The RSA in partnership with Google

The RSA’s Age of Automation Report looks at how AI and robotics might change the face of work.

The top-line message is that we need a concerted effort to boost investment in AI and robotics if the UK is to end its long run of producing low skilled and low paid jobs.

Contrary to popular opinion, these technologies are unlikely to eliminate jobs en masse, but rather to transform them – and in ways that could boost productivity, raise wages and lead to more intellectually stimulating work.

The nub of the problem is not that we’re adopting these technologies too fast, but rather too slow. Only 14 percent of business leaders in our YouGov poll say they’re actively adopting AI and robotics, or soon plan to.

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