Policy Proposition Think Piece: Intangible Asset Reporting and an Intangible Assets Charter

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Building Britain’s Intangible Infrastructure

The Intangible Gold Project

The intangible economy – the universe encompassed by the revolution in technological advances, data, digitalisation, intellectual property and sophisticated services – is now the driving force of economic development. In this report, Big Innovation Centre recommends the establishment of an Intangible Asset Charter that sets out the rules, norms and protocols across the totality of Britain’s intangible infrastructure, better to take advantage of the enormous opportunities from intangibles. This Charter would be a global first.

Intangible Gold Project Members: Birgitte Andersen, Big Innovation Centre (Chair) Sandra Batten, Bank of England; Richard Heys, Office for National Statistics David Stroll, Big Innovation Centre; Philip Wales, Office for National Statistics; Ruth Yeoman, Big Innovation Centre & Said Business School

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