Intelligence Unleashed: An argument for AI in Education

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Intelligence Unleashed: An argument for AI in Education

Published in April 2016

By UCL Knowledge Lab & Open Ideas at Pearson


Rose Luckin & Wayne Holmes, UCL Knowledge Lab, University College London

Mark Griffiths & Laurie B. Forcier, Pearson


In a world where digital tools support virtually every part of our lives, why is it that the full power of such tools has yet to be unleashed to those who might benefit most – educators and learners?

In the latest of its series of publications concerning digital learning, Intelligence Unleashed: An Argument for AI in Education, Pearson, in collaboration with the UCL Knowledge Lab, maps out how artificial intelligence in education (AIEd) can be used to create learning tools that are more efficient, flexible and inclusive than those currently available; tools that will help learners prepare for an economy that is swiftly being reshaped by digital technologies.

The paper addresses a number of important and provocative questions, including:

  • How can teachers and learners benefit from AIEd right now?
  • How might learner outcomes be improved by AIEd in the very near future?
  • How can AIEd contribute to systemic challenges facing the education sector at large?
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