The Future of AI in the UK Debate

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On April 16th 2018, the Lords AI Select Committee published a 180-page report considering the most pressing issues around the development and deployment of AI. In the aftermath of the publication, Big Innovation Centre partnered with the Select Committee to host a debate in which government, industry, and academia were asked to consider the recommendations of the report, and to discuss what more can be done to support and promote the development of AI.

The hosts, panel, and wider audience debated three key questions.

1: To prepare younger generations for an AI society, what should we prioritise in education? STEM skills, or harder to automate soft skills like social interaction and creativity?
2: Would it be ethical to restrict deployment of a healthcare AI in the NHS on the grounds that it was not sufficiently transparent or explainable, even if that denied patients access to more accurate diagnostics?
3: Is it possible to balance the right for individuals to own and control their data with the right of the community to access superior services enabled by AI (in health, energy, finance and social housing)?

The hosts were:

  • Lord Clement-Jones – Chair of the Lords AI Select Committee and Co-chair of APPG AI
  • Birgitte Andersen – CEO & CoFounder of Big Innovation Centre
  • Stephen Metcalfe MP- Co-chair of APPG AI

The panel included:

  • Professor Nick Bostrom – Professor at University of Oxford and Director of the Oxford Future of Humanity Institute
  • Michael Wignall – UK National Technology Officer at Microsoft
  • Karen Croxson- Head of Research & Deputy Chief Economist at Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Paul Clarke – Chief Technology Officer at Ocado

More information here: The Future of AI in the UK Debate


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