Advisory Board

Taskforce – Education 

Taskforce – Citizen Participation

Taskforce – Enterprise Adoption 

Taskforce – Data Governance 

Expert Advisors


  • Ruth Cadbury MP
    Ruth Cadbury MP Labour
  • Lord Wei
    Lord Wei Conservative
  • Lord Inglewood
    Lord Inglewood
  • Lord Simon Haskel
    Lord Simon Haskel Labour
  • Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP
    Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP Labour
  • Lee Rowley MP
    Lee Rowley MP Conservative
  • The Earl of Glasgow
    The Earl of Glasgow Liberal Democrat
  • Craig Tracey MP
    Craig Tracey MP Conservative
  • Anna Turley MP
    Anna Turley MP Labour
  • Rt Hon Dame Eleanor Laing MP
    Rt Hon Dame Eleanor Laing MP Conservative
  • Jon Cruddas MP
    Jon Cruddas MP Labour
  • Clive Efford MP
    Clive Efford MP Labour
  • Layla Moran MP
    Layla Moran MP Liberal Democrat
  • Patrick Grady MP
    Patrick Grady MP Scottish National Party
  • Baroness Rock
    Baroness Rock Conservative
  • Lord Fairfax of Cameron
    Lord Fairfax of Cameron Conservative
  • The Earl of Erroll
    The Earl of Erroll Crossbench
  • Anna McMorrin MP
    Anna McMorrin MP Labour
  • Alex Sobel MP
    Alex Sobel MP Labour Co-operative
  • Scott Mann MP
    Scott Mann MP Conservative
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