Learning to Learn: The Future-Proof Skill

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Learning to Learn: The Future-Proof Skill 

A joint report by the Secretariat of the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI, Big Innovation Centre, and professional services firm KPMG – identifying the key skills individuals and organisations will need if they are to survive and thrive in an AI-filled society. 

The FULL REPORT can be downloaded here.

The PRESS RELEASE can be found here.

With Contributions by:

  • Professor Birgitte Andersen, Big Innovation Centre
  • Lord Clement-Jones, APPG AI
  • Stephen Metcalfe MP, APPG AI
  • Robert Bolton, KPMG
  • Martin Anderson, KPMG
  • Sir Anthony Seldon, University of Buckingham
  • Professor Rose Luckin, University College London
  • Professor Margaret Boden, University of Sussex
  • Professor Joanna Bryson, University of Bath
  • Dr. Andreas Theodorou, University of Bath
  • Professor Jonathan Seville, Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Jonnie Penn, University of Cambridge
  • Kevin Green, Recruitment & Employment Confederation
  • Tess Posner, AI4All

Written by: Niki Iliadis | Email: n.iliadis@biginnovationcentre.com


The report finds that jobs in the labour market of the future will look very different from today and the transformation is likely to be dramatic. It also calls for companies and governments to equip citizens and employees for that future, to help them learn the new skills needed to be relevant in a world of constant transformation.

The report identifies three key skills categories people will need in the future:

  • skills to build/manage AI
  • skills to work with AI
  • skills to live in an AI-driven society

There will be an increased demand for “broad” skills and the most valued quality in people will be adaptability and the ability to learn.

AI will be key to this. Not only will it find personal solutions to help individuals develop their talents, it will be able to match these to a specific task.

The report hopes for policymakers, organisations, and the wider society to work together to incentivise, encourage, and reward skills across the spectrum – helping build individuals fit for the agility of the future.


Date of Publication: October 2018

For more information, please contact Niki Iliadis | n.iliadis@biginnovationcentre.com

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